September 29, 2019
  • : GlobeLink Bennett Party/Birthday Pax Birthday IStage Michelle Discussion LA Interview Moving Forward Establishment Showered/Dressed Avoided Hypomania Peace of Mind Started Quitting Smoking Positive Mood Week
  • : Reduce Smoking Schedule/Routine Helping with Kids Cooking/Dinners WA Departments Reduce Stimulants Sleep 11-7 Avoid Manic Depression Eat 3 Meals/Day 145 Lbs Measure Weight/Progress Tidying Water Grass Personal Business Responsiveness
  • : The most challenging will be remaining focused and on track. There are so many obstacles between moods, depression, anxiety, fatigue, hypomania, troubleshooting, opportunity, interactions, events, kids, and distractions - that it becomes VERY easy to get derailed. I need to use this opportunity to get above water, regain control and cling to it like I’ve never fought for anything before. Your fate is at stake.
  • : I’m looking forward to moving forward with my life from a place of contentment and peace and ease. It’s been a VERY long time coming and I couldnt be more ready. I’m looking forward to feeling in control of my life and to leave behind negative patterns. It feels great to have nothing beyond all that is immediately in front of me on the agenda.
  • : Let’s do it!