September 2019

September 29, 2019
  • : GlobeLink Bennett Party Yard Watering Shrubs Felicia Moods Showered/Dressed AHJ App Ready to Move Forward Trash Dispute Pepco Bennett School IStage Gibson Island Fantasy FB Pax Bday
  • : RCN Car Repair Depression Post Haircut Quit Smoking Sleep 150+ Lbs Cox Farms Palmer Party Fantasy FB Halloween Halloween Decor Organization Moving Forward Mental Health Stability Responsiveness No Need for Decompression Schedule/Routine Avoid Hypomania
  • : The greatest challenge will be taking care of myself. It’s apparent this is my greatest threat. It stems from hypomania and getting consumed by projects. It makes me neglect everything around me. The result is a lack of sleep, diet, mindfulness, relaxation and leads to anxiety, stress and failure in every other aspect of my life. I finally feel at peace with my life and everything I’ve built. From here, the focus becomes daily management and organization and RESPONSIBILITY. The challenge will be to keep myself on track and focused. I started experiencing severe depression a year ago and I will need everything I’ve got to keep it under control.
  • : I’m most looking forward to entering the healthiest and happiest phase of my life. It feels great. I’ve built so many incredible aspects of my personal and professional life and have not had the ability to live it. I’m finally comfortable enough with myself, with World Advisory, with my family, our home and my future, that all that is left is to nourish and cherish all of it. To take better care of myself and to be more present and thoughtful. To be more organized and composed. More mindful and at ease. I can’t wait to step into this greatness.
  • : This new Week, Month and Quarter will bring about the most significant change that has ever and potentially ever will take place in my life. Let’s go!