Cheers to New Beginnings

October 26, 2017

It’s taken an extreme amount of patience and there have been many failures along the way, but World Advisory is finally scaling and coming to life as I have envisioned.

We’re working with new Clients and Partners, hiring new Business Consultants, hosting events in new locations, and most importantly, we’re helping people succeed and reach their full potential.

It’s our goal to make entrepreneurship more accessible to all individuals and make it easier and more enjoyable for anyone to start and grow a business.

As this growth is taking place, I increasingly find myself reflecting upon my experiences and what has allowed this company and I to arrive at this point.

Between building World Advisory and having personally helped hundreds of others through this process, I’ve gained plenty of wisdom and even a few gray hairs.

With that, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to be more outward about my challenges, struggles, successes and offer any advice I can give to others venturing down this treacherous, yet highly rewarding path.

It’s my hope that I will be able to provide some valuable insight into what one might expect, how to navigate obstacles, and come out a stronger entrepreneur and individual.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you as we grow together while pursuing our dreams.

Here’s a photo from last night’s #SmallBizNetworking event last night in DC.

It’s a priceless feeling to bring people together to learn, collaborate, and support each other. I have wholeheartedly enjoyed hosting these events and seeing this community flourish.

Thank you all for your continued love and support.

Cheers and stay tuned!