Alexander Johnstone founded The World Advisory Company in 2010 in Washington, D.C.

He began by simply reaching out to small business owners and asking how he could help. He soon found an incredibly under served population of people that want to pursue their passions, but know little about building a business.

Over the course of several years, Johnstone personally worked with hundreds of small business owners eventually developed a personalized and affordable consulting service. Through his guidance and assistance, these individuals were able to receive the professional help they need without breaking their limited budgets.

Today, World Advisory has Business Consultants located all over the United States. His goal is to make entrepreneurship more accessible to all individuals and make it easier for anyone to start and grow a business.

In addition to consulting services, World Advisory publishes an online magazine that provides news, tips, interviews, and more on entrepreneurship, small business, and personal development called Small Business View.

World Advisory is heavily involved in the small business community through a variety of partnerships and events including its nationwide Small Business Networking series. These free monthly events bring together local entrepreneurs to form partnerships, share stories, learn from each other, and become stronger together.

The official philanthropy of World Advisory is called Business For Hope. Through this program, World Advisory Business Consultants provide free small business consulting services to help disadvantaged individuals start and grow businesses.

In addition to his work with World Advisory, Johnstone is actively involved in many philanthropic efforts and non-profit organizations.

He is a member of The Monticello Association, a non-profit organization of direct descendants of U.S. President and founding father Thomas Jefferson. Johnstone is Jefferson’s 6th great grandson.

He also proudly serves on the Young Alumni Council of his alma mater Florida State University, which was founded in 1851 by his 4th great grandfather Francis Wayles Eppes.

Johnstone lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife Michelle and their son Bennett.